HTML Basic Concepts

 HTML Language Structure

 <!DOCTYPE html>
     <title>Page Title Write hare</title>

   Hare All webpage layout design


Above Code explain:

  1. <!DOCTYPE html> : Declare that is html document Browser easily understand all writing code very easily. 
  2. <HTML> stating tag </Html> Ending Tag .
  3. <head> Head section hare define title and meta tag and description etc.</head> head ending. 
  4. <title> under heading tag define webpage tile at this tag</title>
  5. <body> this is body section commonly all webpage code write hare</body

Some important html tag and there function:-


All this are heading tag commonly use when need heading any particular content.

<p></p> This is paragraph tag, when we are write any paragraph then define this tag.

Html Link tag:

<a href="">Visit Google </a>

List tag:


Out put Results:

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Four


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