HTML Introduction

HTML is Hyper Text Markup language using this language you can create a website.A simple language hare I will teaches all HTML chapter very easily with simple example.You Will enjoy learning .

About  HTML.....

HTML is markup language which help to crete website page.

  • HTML =Hyper Text Markup Language  
  • Language(code) write by markup tag.
  • Each tag have different meaning which know web-browser.
  • Language run by using web-browser. 

A Simple HTML Document Example:-

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>This is page Title</title>

<h1>This is Heading Tag </h1>
<h2>This is Another Heading Tag </h2>


Explained Above Code:

  • <!DOCTYPE html> declaration that is Html document.
  •  <html> Starting HTML Tag </html> Ending Html Tag(html code write  under this tag)
  •  <head> This is heading tag hare write title tag,meta-tag etc</head> 
  •  <title> webpage title hare </title>
  •  <body> This is body tag,hare write all webpage content which visible webpage </body> 
  •  <h1> This is heading tag when content start heading tag need first of line </h1> 
  • <h2>this is another heading tag but font size small comparatively h1 tag <h2>
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