Introduction about HTML Attributes

What is HTML Attributes?
Attribute fetch additional information of HTML element (Tag) without attribute we cant declare exact element property.
Important of  Attribute?
1.    Attributes provide elements property.
2.    It add additional information of elements.
3.    Attribute have a particular tag.
4.    Attribute declare like name=”Value”.
Some Attributes Examples:-
 The href or Link Attribute
Attributes declare like <a href=””> Link Title hare</a>
<a href="">This is attribute Example</a>

Size Attributes examples:
A attribute using element size various sector.
A example:<img src=”abc.png” width=”120” height=”120”>
Hare width and height is attribute which contain image property.

alt Attribute example
alt attribute use alternatively any specific field like when image cannot display then this attribute showing this place.

A simple example:-
<img src=”abc.png” alt=”” width=”120” height=”120”>
Final Thought:

All element have particular attribute for define property without attribute can’t possible exact value of elements.
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